2018 alphabet card series featuring contemporary feminist artists. Each card is created with watercolor paints and colored pencils.

A is Annabelle Hayford

C is Cheyenne Julien

E is Ester Hernandez

G is Geumhyung Jeong

I is Imelda Cajipe Endaya

K is Kong Ning

M is Micah Bazant

O is Oviloo Tunnillie

Q is iQhiya

S is Sevdaliza

U is Ulali

W is Wendy Red Star

Y is Yolanda Lopez

B is Betye Saar

D is Dynasty Handbag

F is Fuck U Pay Us

H is Juliana Huxtable

J is Jackie Shane

L is Layla Al-Attar

N is Nao Bustamante

P is Patti Harrison

R is Regina Galindo

T is Taisha Paggett

V is Agnes Varda

X is Chloe X Halle

Z is Chloe Zhao

Feminist Artist Alphabet - Series 2
Judgement Day: Beverly Hilton (2018)

Watercolor, colored pencil, and craft paint on paper. 9x12"

It is lights out and time's up for sick piggies in Hollywood! Featuring: Franco, Oldman, and Timberlake in all their Golden Globes glory. Don't think I forgot about you, Spacey! Burn, piggies, BURN!

Hollywoodland (2017)

Gouache & colored pencil on illustration board. 14x12"

A self portrait about the toxic yet romantic entertainment industry. The longing to be part of the club is often strained by the harsh realities of its power and influence. Is it worth it for a young artist to join a system that rejects them?

Judgement Day: Hollywood (2017)

Watercolor & colored pencil on paper. 18x18"

The arts are no place for filthy pigs! To hell with harassers, chauvinists, and rapists! Burn, sexist piggies, burn!!!

Judgment Day: Charlottesville (2017)

Colored pencil and watercolors on paper. 18x18", 20x20" framed.

This illustration was created in the aftermath of the horrors of Charlottesville, South Carolina in August 2017.

#SQUAD (2017)

Colored pencil and watercolors on paper. 7x7"

This illustration depicts the worst nightmare of the "alt-right." 

#YTGOALS (2017)

Colored pencil and watercolors on paper. 7x7"

This illustration depicts the leftist ideal for white women.

Moshpit (2016)

Colored pencil and watercolors on paper. 18x18", 20x20" framed.

This editorial illustration was created out of the evolving punk scene. As more diverse and radical artists emerge, more conventional punks of the past are pushed out. It's about time.

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