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Mixed media installation. Dimensions variable, 2023.

Top: full view of installation, Left: closeup, Right: closeup.

Identisploitation was my graduate thesis project at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The thesis explores charged representations of identity in pop culture through painted paper figures, video art, and garments. This installation was exhibited in the MFA exhibition, biometaphysicalmateria, and included elements from my works Josephine, Mary, Anita, Skipper, and Garments.

josephine 1.jpg
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Acrylic paint on paper. Dimensions variable, paper figure is approx 5 ft tall. 2022.

Above: full view of paper doll installation, Left: central Josephine Baker figure

Josephine imagines the iconic Josephine Baker as a lifesize paper doll.

dress 1.jpeg
Untitled (Garment)

Polyester silk blend fabric, rhinestones, lace, faux fur, wire, velvet trim.

Approx 8 ft long, 2022.

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anita and mary.JPG
anita 5.JPG
mary 3.JPG
mary 2.JPG
Anita and Mary

Acrylic paint on paper. Dimensions variable, paper figure is approx 5 ft tall. 2021.

Top Left: full view of paper doll installations

Top Right: central Mary Pickford figure

Left: detail of Anita, Middle: detail of Mary

Anita and Mary imagine Anita Bryant and Mary Pickford as a lifesize paper dolls.

garment 6.JPG
Garment Series

Mixed media, dimensions variable. 2023.

Left: banana skirt detail, Top Right: perfume bottle detail, Right: heels detail 

Garments explores the intersections of costume, humor, camp, beauty ideals and the grotesque through soft sculptures.

garment 5.JPG
final 3.JPG

Self-portrait triptych. Acrylic paint on paper, 6x2 ft each. 2020.

Left: Rabbit Season, Middle: Valley of the Saints, Right: Born Again

Tinsel Angels

Self-portrait series. Watercolor and colored pencils on butcher paper, 7x2 ft each. 2018.

Top Row: The Punk, The Actress, The Trio, The Lover

Left: Tinsel Angels installation

This series of lifesize self-portraits were created during a residency with Somos Arts and exhibited in my 2018 solo show Tinsel Angels at SomoS Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Judgement Day: Charlottesville

Political self-portrait. Watercolor and colored pencils on paper, 20x20 in. 2017.


Watercolor and colored pencils on paper, 20x20 in. 2016.

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