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Trans People Are Sacred

Commissioned billboard design for the "Trans is Sacred" campaign for SaveArtSpace. Installed on two billboards in Los Angeles. 2020.

Above: digital illustration, Right: photo documentation of installation

Demand Reparations

Digital illustration. Commissioned by the ACLU and featured in the ACLU Artist Collective. 5x5 in, 2021.

Cliff Avril-Illustrations-4.jpg
Copy of Kimia Alizadeh-7.jpeg
Impact Series Children's Books

Illustrated children's book series. Commissioned by Simbi through a grant awarded by Mitacs.

Digital publication, 10x8 in each, 8-15 pages each, 2022.

Left: page illustration from Impact Series: Cliff Avril, Right: page illustration from Impact Series: Kimia Alizadeh

In 2022, I was awarded a generous grant from Mitacs to collaborate with Simbi, a Vancouver based non-profit that publishes online children's books and educational materials. For Impact Series, I illustrated 8 stories about inspirational athletes.

Publick Universal Friend

Poster design from Hidden Voices: LGBTQ+ Stories in United States History.

Commissioned by the New York Department of Education in collaboration with Good Trouble.

Digital illustration, 16x25 in, 2021.

Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free

Poster design for the group exhibition XIX 2020 Vision.

Commissioned and printed by Haight Street Art Center in San Francisco, California.

Digital illustration, 18x24 in, 2020.

Sorority House

Page illustration for the short story "Sorority House" by Megan Gailey in Notes from the Bathroom LinePublished by Harper Collins. Digital illustration, 7x9 in, 2020.

"What Does Refugee Resettlement Look Like in the U.S."

Editorial illustrations for the article "What Does Refugee Resettlement Look Like in the U.S." by Aysha Khan. Published in Prism ReportsDigital illustrations and infographics, June 2021.

Los Angeles Zine Fest 2019

Poster illustration commissioned by Los Angeles Zine Fest. Digital illustration, 18x24 in, 2019.

Fiyah Magazine Cover

Cover illustration commissioned by Fiyah Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction.

Digital illustration, 8.5x11 in. Issue 12, September 2019.

Pride: Learn Your Unapologetic History

Poster illustration commissioned and printed by Haight Street Art Center in San Francisco, California.

Digital illustration, 8.5x11 in, 2021.

The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up!

Album cover for The Stowaways Presents: Listen Up! A Benefit for Democracy Now!

Commissioned by The Stowaways. Digital illustration, 12x12 in. 2021.

Our Lady of Cacophony

Monthly comic strip series published in Razorcake.

Pen and marker on paper, digital coloring, 8.5x11 in. 2018-2020.

Women Crush Wednesdays

Poster illustration commissioned by Marcella Arguello.

Digital illustration, 8x10 in, 2021.

I'm No Longer Accepting the Things I Cannot Change, I'm Changing the Things I Cannot Accept

Risograph print, 8.5x11 in, printed 2016.

Published with "What Art Under Trump?" by Margaret Atwood for The Nation, January 2017.

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