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You're Funny For A: The Illustrated Guide to Trans Comedians, Non-Binary Comics & Funny Women in the Comedy Scene

The go-to guide for the latest, greatest names in the comedy scene! Published by Silver Sprocket in 2022 and available in most major bookstores.


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Cover for Notes From the Bathroom Line

"Sorority House" Illustration for Notes From the Bathroom Line

Book illustration for Notes From the Bathroom Line, edited by Amy Solomon and published by HarperCollins. The art accompanies an essay entitled "Sorority House" by comedian, Megan Gailey.

"Three Punks Guide to Black Musicians"

Black & white booklet published in Razorcake Magazine. 8 pages of text and illustrations highlighting Black punk bands, indie musicians, and rappers. Published in Aug 2020.

Queens of Chaos

A zine guide to problematic pop stars and women rappers. Self-published in 2020.

Women Directors & Trans Filmmakers

Zine series showcasing women & transgender filmmakers in the contemporary film scene. Self-published in 2020 and 2019.

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You're Funny for A...
Volumes 1 & 2

Zine series showcasing women, transgender, and nonbinary comedians in the contemporary comedy scene.

Self published in 2019 and 2018.

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Proud to Be Me

Zine for children about youth activists. In collaboration with Carly Lake. Self-published in 2018.

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Every Butterfly Needs A Home

This children's book discusses immigration and child detention centers. Self-published in 2018.

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